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Project Description
A simple wrapper and test client for the API.

Sample useage:

First you need to set the API Key:


Then call the methods:

Whitepages.wp business = null;
if (Whitepages.API.FindBusiness("Microsoft Corporation", "Redmond", "WA", out business))



Whitepages.wp result = null;
if (Whitepages.API.FindPerson("William Gates", "WA", out result))
Whitepages.wp address = null;
if (result.listings != null && result.listings.Length > 0)
Whitepages.address addy = result.listings[0].address;
Whitepages.API.ReverseAddress(, addy.street,, addy.state, out address); phone = null;
foreach (Whitepages.listing lst in result.listings)
if (lst.phonenumbers != null && lst.phonenumbers.Length > 0)
phone = lst.phonenumbers[0];
if (phone != null)
Whitepages.wp phoneResult = null;
Whitepages.API.ReversePhone(phone.fullphone, out phoneResult);


Full source including the above example in the "Source Code" repository. Releases only includes the "WhitepagesAPI" DLL for inclusion in your projects.

It should also work in your Windows Mobile Applications, just compile the WhitepagesAPI DLL as a Mobile Library....

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